How Seasonality Affects CPM Rates

If you are a digital publisher or have worked in the adtech industry, you know that ad rates go up and down depending on the time of year. It can be an emotional rollar coaster for publishers who have to deal with the highs and lows of the ad market throughout the year.

As soon as Q4 is over and January 1st hits, there is a massive drop in CPM rates which has both publishers and ad providers sweating.

According to the Ad Revenue Index by Ezoic , in 2019 CPMs were at their peak on November 29th. This makes sense philosophically because advertisers are ready to dump their budgets in December to keep up with holiday shopping madness

Ezoic Ad Revenue Index 2019

Publisher’s may be feeling great from September-December (the prime months for generating ad revenue) but once January hits, revenue declines significantly for publishers, as you can see by analyzing a feel year of the ad revenue Index.

What can publishers do to combat ad revenue seasonality?

When ad rates and revenue are low for publishers, there are several tactics a publisher can employ to recoup lost revenue. Here are some ideas:

Integrate sticky ad units:

Sticky ad units that are highly viewable, have header bidding integrated into them and rotate display and video ads can be a solid source of new incremental revenue for publishers. We recommend you check out these companies

  • Underdog Media
  • InfoLinks
  • 33Across
  • Kargo

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