List of Ad Ops Resources

Here you will find a simple list and description of the most important ad ops resources by category. Feel free to bookmark this page and share with your industry colleagues. With all the ad tech information out there, we wanted to create a central hub for all important information. If you believe we are missing any key pieces of information, feel free to contact us.

Advertising Industry News Sources

This curated list of advertising industry news sources covers a broad range of tops in the digital media ecosystem. It is important for you to read a variety of news sources and be up to date on news, press releases and opinions

  • AdExchanger – News, views and analysis on digital advertising
  • AdOps Subreddit – Official subreddit for the adops community
  • AdMonsters – Digital content publisher focusing on ad operations
  • Digiday – Digital content publisher focusing on the advertising industry
  • IAB – Interactive Advertising Bureau
  • Ad Ops Insider – Ad Ops publisher writing about the technical side of adops
  • Ad Ops Slack Channel – An active slack community of advertising professionals
  • Ad Ops IRC ChatRoom – Official chatroom of
  • – Smart ad tech insights and analysis
  • Emarketer – Data and graphs about ad tech trends

Ad Network Review Sites

These sites all post reviews of ad networks. You should be weary of sponsored reviews, must this is a good starting point to research basic information on an ad network.

Ad Ops Calculators

Calculators specifically made for online advertising to help you quickly understand advertising metrics.

Ad Ops Conferences 2020

Conferences are very valuable for ad ops professionals to network with potential vendors, current clients and talk shop with industry professionals. This is a list of the most popular comnferences for ad ops professionals.

Ad Ops Browser Extensions

Having the right browser extensions is essential for any ad ops professional. These allow you to quickly understand information about your site and what technologies other sites are running in their stack.

Publisher Prospecting Tools

If you work in Publisher Sales, it can be tough to procudre the right publishers for your technology. Even if you do not work in sales, you may want to see what other publishers are doing in the Industry. Here is a list of popular publisher prospecting tools and services.

  • Red Volcano – Database of publishers that you can generate report froms. Highly specific for Ad Tech companies.
  • PubConnections – Private service helping ad tech vendors find new publishers to work with
  • Sellers.json files – If you go to an ad network’s sites you can usually take a look at their sellers.json file which lists all their publishers. For example: