Insticator Review 2021 (Ad Units & Info)

Overview of Insticator

Insticator is a publisher monetization platform headquartered in New York City founded by Zack Dugow in 2012 and reaches over 350 million users a month. They have a global team spanning 3 continents in the United States, Canadia, India, Philippines, United Kingom and the Ukraine.

Looking at the sellers.json file listed on Insticators website, we can see that they work with 1000s of publishers from all geos. If we dig further and check out their ads.txt lines, we can see that they work with a lot of the largest programmatic demand partners and SSPs (Supply Side Platforms)

Insticator provides revenue for website publishers from user engagement and community building. Generally you will find an Insticator ad unit below the content or on the sidebar in desktop and mobile. These kinds of units are great to add extra revenue when ad rates are lower due to seasonality.

Insticator Contact Information

Insticator Ad Unit Overview

Content Engagement

Content Engagement

Their content engagement units can be fully customized and allow a publisher to create relevant quizzes and Trivia that encourage a user to engage. Ads are loaded in between the quiz questions and the publisher will earn revenue from these ads. This is a clever way to make advertising fun for the user and provide a relevant and clean looking experience.


Insticator Commenting

Insticator has a commenting platform for publishers that combines human moderation with audience growth. Insticator promises 24/7 human moderation on their commenting widget which makes a site more appealing and brand safe for advertisers which in theory should translate to higher CPMs. Best of all, the unit adapts and looks great on all devices. What we found really unique about this product is the reputation points feature. Users who leave great comments can be awarded with reputation points.


Insticator Video Unit

Publishers who run the Insticator video unit can earn up to four times more revenue. Insticator has a library of custom video content that will match the interest of your audience.

One of the newer and most powerful features of Insticator is their video platform.

Slider Video Unit

This video ad unit can be used on both desktop and mobile. It will be anchored to the bottom right hand corner of the page and be highly viewable.

Floating Video Unit

The floating VIdeo units starts out within content and as the users scrolls down it will re-position to the right hand corner. These types of video placements are very common on large publishers and yield high CPMs and viewability.

Static Video Unit

This unit stays in place, looks great on your site and does not disrupt the user experience. All serving, hosting and fees for content are covered by Insticator. This video player looks great blending in with content and providing high engagement.


Overall Insticator is a great company to use for unique publisher monetization units. They have been around since 2012 and have always improved their products. We have never heard payment or performance complains in public forums and think they are worth giving a shot.